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      McEntee’s Tea Time Moments - Blog

      Il nostro Irish Afternoon Blend Tea vince un Great Taste Gold Star Award 2021

      Our Irish Afternoon Blend Tea wins a Great Taste Gold Star Award 2021

      McEntee's Tea Irish Afternoon Blend è stato premiato con un Ottimo gusto stella d'oro Premio ieri, il che significa che i giudici lo hanno soprannominato un alimento che offre un sapore fantastico.

      Il tè pomeridiano di McEntee è una miscela tradizionale di tè Assam, Ceylon e Kenya. È il nostro tè più forte e saporito che offre un infuso pungente di malto e agrumi.

      Per saperne di più

      Il tè di McEntee presentato nell'edizione di luglio della rivista irlandese Business Plus

      McEntee's Tea Featured in July Edition of Ireland's Business Plus Magazine

      Grazie molte Siobhan O'Donnell, Che grande funzionalità in Business Plus Magazine questo mese su alcuni dei 57 fornitori che hanno partecipato al recente #Growwithaldi programma Aldi Irlanda a giugno, eravamo in così grande compagnia.☕👏

      L'articolo ha evidenziato molti dei produttori alimentari che hanno beneficiato della presentazione dei loro prodotti sugli scaffali Aldi in tutta l'Irlanda durante le due settimane di inizio giugno. Anche @Woodfireandgreen, @Mamabear, @ballyhubbockfarm, @connamarabrewing e @Kookee erano presenti con le loro storie e aspirazioni aziendali.

      Se sei uno dei tanti che hanno ritirato una confezione del nostro tè ad Aldi e ora desiderano rifornirti, la nostra gamma di tè sfusi irlandesi può essere acquistata sul nostro sito Web, con spedizione veloce in Irlanda, Regno Unito, Europa e Stati Uniti! Abbonamenti ora disponibili.👇


      McEntee's Tea partnership with the Irish Hospice Foundation to support the Bereaved people of Ireland

      McEntee's Tea partnership with the Irish Hospice Foundation to support the Bereaved people of Ireland

      Today we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with the lrish Hospice Foundation supporting its new Bereavement Support Line. Our Tea has been referred to as a "Hug in a Mug" we hope our Tea and the IHF Bereavement Support Line offers comfort and reassurance.

      Many people have experienced or will experience the death of someone close during these exceptional circumstances. It may be a COVID-related death, a death from other causes, or a previous bereavement that you are finding more difficult at this time.

      Irish Hospice Foundation launched this service in June 2020 as a response to the pandemic, and to support the many people grieving in isolation.

      Having the Bereavement Support Line number displayed on this new Master Blend product means that more people who need the service will know of its availability. Apart from the awareness raised, with every purchase, Irish Hospice Foundation will receive a 10 cents donation towards the Line

      Tea is known for its calming and reassuring qualities, and IHF Bereavement Support Line offers that comfort and reassurance to hundreds of bereaved people in the country.

      “We're delighted to partner up with Irish Hospice Foundation to raise awareness for a crucial service, the IHF Bereavement Support Line. We are happy to share that for every purchase of our Loose-Leaf Master Blend tea we will donate 10 cents towards this vital service. We also encourage people in Louth who are dealing with bereavement and finding it particularly difficult in these exceptional times to call the line. You will receive the support and comfort that you deserve." Helen & Donal McEntee.

      Irish Hospice Foundation Bereavement Support Line is a national freephone service on 1800 80 70 77 available 10am to 1pm, Monday to Friday. Many people have experienced and will experience the death of someone close during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the face of such loss, the IHF Bereavement Support Line, in partnership with the HSE, is there to provide connection, comfort and support in these exceptional times.

      Helen McVeigh, Director of Fundraising for Irish Hospice Foundation, said: "We're delighted with this partnership which will raise awareness and funds towards our vital service the IHF Bereavement Support Line. Since the inception of the service just over a year ago, we've received over 1,500 bereavement calls. Our staff and volunteers offer a listening ear in a confidential space where people can talk about their experience. We are grateful to McEntee’s Fine Teas and all their customers for this support"

      Support this initiative:

      You can purchase the Master Blend Tea in aid of IHF here:

      If you are looking to buy a special present for a loved one, you can also purchase the exclusive Irish Hospice Foundation Sunflower Gift Set here:


      How To Make Iced Tea Using McEntee's Tea.

      How To Make Iced Tea Using McEntee's Tea.

      When you think of iced tea, the first thing that comes to mind is cold, sweet, fruity, maybe zesty, drink that will quench your thirst on a hot day. But beneath all the layers of fruitiness, sweetness, and acidity lies the real flavor of the tea.
      The actual taste of the tea in your regular iced tea is barely recognizable, which is a real shame. McEntee's Tea is full of flavour and aroma that will only boost the taste of your iced cold drink. And that’s what loose leaves bring to the pitcher. A deep flavor that transforms this summer staple, and not to mention, makes it a healthier beverage.

      Recipe 1: 

      Cold brewing your iced tea will add a nice body to your beverage and enhance the leaves’ natural flavor and sweetness. This will give you a subtle taste and lasting finish that is much more refreshing and enjoyable than the quick, hot-brew method.

      And yes, this is our favorite way to brew iced tea. Here is how you can do it:
      1. Start by adding about 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea to a clean mason jar. Our golden ratio is 1 teaspoon of tea per every 8 ounces of water, so if you are brewing a larger batch, feel free to double or triple the amount.
      2. Next, cover the tea with water (8 ounces per 1 teaspoon). It is best to use tap or room temperature water.
      3. Then, put the lid on, seal, and place the mason jar in the refrigerator, allowing it to steep naturally, for at least 4 hours, but the best taste is extracted after 8-12 hours.
      4. Add sugar to taste
      5. Strain and serve with ice, lemon slices, and other favorite add-ins.

      Recipe 2: Hot Brew

      This is a somewhat quicker version of the previous method.
      1. Place 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea inside your cup or strainer.
      2. Bring 1 cup of water to a boil, then pour the boiling water over the tea.
      3. Allow it to steep for 5 minutes, then strain and discard the leaves.
      4. Add sugar to taste
      5. Let the tea sit at room temperature for about half an hour, then transfer it to your jar/pitcher, and place it in the fridge to cool for a couple of hours.
      6. Serve with ice and preferred add-ins.

      While both methods will generally brew you a delicious iced tea, the first recipe definitely delivers a more satisfying flavor. Besides, there is no need to worry about over-extraction or bitter taste with cold brewing since the cold water can only bring out the natural sweetness.