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      Since January 2022, there has a growing trend in cafes and restaurants globally, including Ireland, to offer loose leaf tea instead of traditional tea bags. This shift was largely due to the increasing demand for higher-quality and more flavorful tea options among consumers who are becoming more health-conscious and interested in premium tea experiences.

      Why should I move to serving McEntee's Loose Tea in my cafe/restaurant?

      Loose leaf tea offers several advantages over tea bags, including:

      • Better quality: Loose leaf tea is often considered to be of higher quality compared to tea bags as it typically consists of whole or larger tea leaves, which can result in a more flavorful and aromatic brew.
      • Variety and customization: Loose leaf teas come in various types, blends, and flavors, allowing cafes to offer a more extensive selection to cater to diverse consumer preferences. Additionally, customers can often customize their tea by adjusting the quantity and steeping time.
      • Sustainability: Some consumers prefer loose leaf tea due to its reduced packaging and waste compared to individually wrapped tea bags, contributing to sustainability efforts.

      Moving to loose tea couldn't be easier, we offer:

      • Great value 1.3Kg catering boxes with an inner resealable bag.
      • Filter Teapots & Mugs at an affordable price.
      • Fast free shipping over €40, talk to us about our wholesale pricing.
      • Easy Subscription order service.

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