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                                             Cafe, Resturants and Shops

      There has been a growing trend in cafes and restaurants globally, including Ireland, to offer a better grade of tea. This shift to loose tea is due to the demand for higher-quality and more flavorful teas, where customers come in for the food but return for the tea. 

      Here at McEntee's Tea we offer a range of black tea blends in sizes for the Catering sector including our 1.35Kg Box  Irish Breakfast Tea 1.35Kg 600 cups, loose tea, blended in Ireland
      Also we offer a range of value teapots especially to facilitate the switch to loose tea, including our Cara 510ml Teapot and strainer. 


      How to Order : 

      •  Contact us directly - donal@mcenteestea.com (0879191329) , Donal will provide a wholesale price list and he will take your order.
      • Musgrave MarketPlace : Select and pay and have products shipped out to you directly.  
      • Ankorstore : One of Europe's largest B2B wholesale marketplace.  

      Please complete our inquiry form at the bottom of this page:

      What happens next?
      Once we have your information we will be in touch and assist you with your first order. 

      Why should I move to serving McEntee's Loose Tea in my cafe/restaurant?

      Loose leaf tea offers several advantages over tea bags, including:

      • Better quality: Our Loose leaf tea offers a higher quality tea compared to tea bags. Just try it and you will see a world of difference..
      • A range aromatic brews : Our loose leaf teas come in various award winning blends, allowing cafes and restaurants offer a more extensive selection to cater for a range of consumer preferences.
      • Stand out and be Sustainable : Our existing customers say they are now known for their tea offering , its so much better than normal tea. Also some consumers prefer loose leaf tea due packaging waste associated with tea bags. Contribute to sustainability efforts.

      Moving to loose tea couldn't be easier, we offer:

      • Great value 1.35Kg catering boxes with an inner resealable bag.
      • Filter Teapots & Mugs at an affordable price.
      • Fast free shipping over €40, talk to us about our wholesale pricing.