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      McEntee's Tea, renowned for their exceptional tea blending skills, has established a legacy that is reshaping the realm of Irish loose tea. Their innovative blends have sparked tremendous enthusiasm among Irish tea lovers worldwide. Their expertise now extends into the realm of filter teapots, adding design and value to cafe's and kitchens alike.

      Helen & Donal McEntee's Irish Tea

      Crafting our own distinct blends of Irish loose Tea, reminiscent of the loose tea we grew up with. Blending loose teas in rural Co.Louth

      We wanted to offer this improved tea experience alongside the filters and teapots to facilitate the move from teabags to our loose tea, our customer reviews speak for themselves! 

      Our passion is driven by two other beliefs, firstly loose tea is better for the environment and secondly it’s better for you. We focus on tea blends which are unmistakably Irish, rich in tradition and flavour, consistent with our commitment to bring us back to a better tasting, quality cup of tea.


      Our blends of Irish Tea have been carefully crafted by us both over a long period of tastings and blended in rural county Louth in Ireland.

      We're proud to be part of the Boyne Valley Flavours group championing local produce within the Boyne Valley region steeped in food history.       

      BVF Membership 2023

      We sourced our Black Teas from all over the world tasting teas from the finest gardens in lndia, Kenya and Ceylon. Our desire was to find that balance in our blends that combined the malty deep taste of the finest Assam teas with the distinctive fragrant and lemony taste of Ceylon Teas for our Breakfast blend and with the brisk, full-bodied Kenyan teas for our Gold blend. Having tasted hundreds of teas we found what we feel are the perfect blends.

       To complete our products sustainably, we looked to create and source our packaging locally. We worked with local lrish designers and packaging companies to create the products in the format they're in today. Our range of tea gift products can be also found on the Guaranteed Irish website. 

      We recently won a Gold Award in the Blas na hEireann Irish Food Awards 2020 for our Irish Afternoon Blend and a Gold Star Great Taste Award for our Mint and Nettle Infusion. This follows our success in 2019 when their teas won Gold (Mint & Nettle), Silver (Gold Blend) & Bronze (Irish Breakfast) at the Blas Irish Food Awards.