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      McEntee’s Fine Teas is a family business run by married couple, Donal and Helen McEntee in Co. Louth, Ireland.

        Donal and Helen, both passionate tea drinkers, brought together the idea of McEntee’s Tea from their office on the family farm in Co. Louth, after Donal decided a number of years ago to follow his passion in “tea”, or more specifically “Irish Blends of loose leaf tea”.

      Helen comes from the Isle of Man and has lived in Drogheda for over 20 years. Her background in Food & Food Marketing in the Isle of Man, the UK and latterly in E-Business in Drogheda, has given her extensive experience in the food product development sector.

      This passion for proper great tasting tea that has driven both Donal and Helen’s desire to develop McEntee’s Fine Teas dates back to their childhoods where tea Back When Tea was Teawas central to traditional family life. They both have a desire to bring back quality, great tasting Irish Blends of proper loose tea to make everyone’s cuppa a moment to enjoy. Offering a more sustainable and superior tea for those wanting to improve their tea drinking experience or just conscious to avoid environmental impact of teabags.

      For Donal, memories of a rural family shop with the aroma of proper loose tea, remains a vivid reminder of simpler times where he discovered the importance and constancy of tea in everyday life in Ireland during the previous century.

      These memories left a lasting impression on Donal who always carried the dream that someday he would be able to re-kindle the tradition of supplying quality tea to modern Ireland and its diaspora.