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      Momentos de la hora del té de McEntee - Blog

      Which is healthier Green tea or Black Tea?

      Which is healthier Green tea or Black Tea?

      Both Green Tea and Black Tea offer various health benefits, but they have some differences due to variations in processing and composition.

      Green Tea:

      1. Antioxidants: Green tea is known for its high content of antioxidants, such as catechins, which are believed to have numerous health benefits.
      2. Weight management: Some studies suggest that green tea may help with weight loss and weight management.
      3. Brain health: The antioxidants in green tea have been associated with potential benefits for brain health, including improved cognitive function.
      4. Heart health: Green tea may have a positive impact on heart health by reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
      5. Cancer prevention: Some studies have indicated that Green tea contains a catechin called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). Catechins are natural antioxidants that help prevent cell damage and provide other benefits..

      Black Tea:

      1. Antioxidants: While black tea also contains antioxidants, the levels are generally lower compared to green tea.
      2. Loose teas use the whole leaf while the teabags usually use the cut, ground or “dust” leaf. This makes regular teabags produce fewer Antioxidants and more Caffeine than loose teas. Another important factor which you may consider is bleach residue, a chemical, which remains on the teabags.
      3. Study reveals how drinking two or more cups of black tea a day could affect your longevity.
      4. Heart health: Black tea has been associated with potential benefits for heart health, including a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.
      5. Digestive health: Black tea may have positive effects on digestive health and gut bacteria.
      6. Tea is rich in polyphenols, which are natural compounds that have health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and helping to fight cancer.
      7. Energy and alertness: Black tea contains caffeine, which can provide a boost in energy and mental alertness.
      8. Oral health: Some research suggests that black tea may contribute to improved oral health by reducing plaque formation and inhibiting bacteria growth.

      In summary, both green tea and black tea have their own health benefits. Green tea may have a slight edge due to its higher levels of antioxidants, but the specific health goals and preferences of an individual may influence their choice. It's worth noting that adding excessive amounts of sweeteners or milk to either tea can diminish some of their health benefits.

      How to make a delicious cup of Irish tea using our award winning blends of McEntee's loose Tea

      How to make a delicious cup of Irish tea using our award winning blends of McEntee's loose Tea

      To make a delicious cup of Irish tea using McEntee's award-winning blends of loose tea, follow these steps:

      1. Start with quality loose tea: McEntee's is known for their exceptional blends, so ensure you have their loose tea on hand. Choose the blend that suits your taste preferences, such as Irish Breakfast or Irish Afternoon.
      2. Boil fresh water: Fill a kettle with fresh, cold water and bring it to a rolling boil. It's important to use fresh water as it enhances the taste of the tea.
      3. Warm the teapot: To ensure the tea stays hot for longer, preheat your teapot. Pour some boiling water into the teapot, swish it around, and then discard the water.
      4. Measure the loose tea: Use a McEntee's Tea Tea measuring spoon (one spoonful per person). Typically, one teaspoon per cup is a good starting point, but you can adjust according to your taste.
      5. Add the tea to the teapot: Place the measured tea leaves into the preheated teapot. Ideally a teapot with removable strainer should be used or add one of the range of McEntee's Tea steel strainers into your existing teapot. 
      6. Pour hot water over the tea: Carefully pour the boiling water from the kettle over the loose tea leaves in the teapot. For a standard-sized teapot, use approximately one cup (8 fluid ounces) of water per teaspoon of tea.
      7. Steep the tea: Place the lid on the teapot and let the tea steep for about 3 to 5 minutes. Adjust the steeping time based on your preferred strength. Be cautious not to steep for too long, as it may result in a bitter taste.
      8. Stir and strain: After the desired steeping time, gently stir the tea in the teapot to ensure it is evenly brewed. Then, use a tea strainer or an infuser to strain the brewed tea into your cup or teacup.
      9. Optional additions: Irish tea is often enjoyed with milk and/or sugar. Add a splash of milk or your preferred sweetener to taste. You can also enjoy it plain if desired.
      10. Savor and enjoy: Take a moment to appreciate the aroma and flavors of your freshly brewed cup of Irish tea. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

      Remember, personal preferences may vary, so feel free to adjust the steeping time, tea strength, or any other aspect of the brewing process to suit your taste.

      Send the Gift of Irish Tea this Christmas - it's a "Hug in a Mug"!

      Send the Gift of Irish Tea this Christmas - it's a "Hug in a Mug"!

      Best wishes to you all this Christmas from McEntee's Tea!

      Chrstmas is all about sitting down with friends and family over a pot of tea and catching up with a comforting brew.

      Whether you love our tea and want to give it to a tea lover in your life to improve their tea drinking experience this Christmas or just know that everyone need that "tea moment" in their lives , McEntees Tea is there for you.

      As one great mind C.S Lewis put it  “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me."

      So many reasons to drink and give tea, sure it makes everything right!

      There's a great range of filter teapots, strainers and filter mugs to choose from that can be paired with our many excellent blends of tea, to make the perfect moment for a Christmas Gift this year.

      As featured in The Guaranteed Irish Gift ideas - altogether better!



      A great local business McEntee’s Tea, has been selected to supply Lidl’s stores nationwide and in Northern Ireland with their award winning teas through the Lidl Kickstart programme from Thursday 15th September!  Lidl Kickstart was launched in 2017 in conjunction with Bord Bia, offering the best of Irish small and medium sized food producers an opportunity to showcase their product throughout Lidl stores in Ireland and Northern Ireland. McEntee’s three loose Irish Tea blends, Irish Afternoon Blend, Irish Breakfast Blend and Gold Blend will be in store from Thursday 15th September while stocks last.

      McEntee’s Fine Teas is a family business run by Donal and Helen McEntee located on the family farm in Co. Louth. They are both passionate about their tea and crave the perfect strong soothing cuppa. They feel it’s important to bring back better grades of tea and this can be tasted in the quality of their loose teas.  They now have quite a following throughout Ireland and abroad. Donal and Helens desire to develop McEntee’s Fine Teas dates back to their childhood where tea was central to traditional family life. Helen McEntee said “Tea has been a part of Irish family life for generations, it’s important to us to remind people to take a moment to enjoy a pot of proper tea with family and friends once more”. This passion has driven their desire to bring back proper great tasting tea brewed in a teapot.

      Their blends of tea have been carefully crafted over a long period of tastings, sourcing their teas from all over the world from the finest gardens in lndia, Kenya and Ceylon.  Their desire was to find that balance in their blends that combined the malty deep taste of the finest Assam teas with the distinctive fragrant and lemony taste of Ceylon Teas for their Breakfast blend. For their Gold Blend the desire was to balance the Assam with the brisk, full-bodied Kenyan teas.  Having tasted hundreds of teas they feel they found that perfect balance. As one of their customers put it “nice tea no dust or powder just honest to goodness tea”. To complete their products, they sustainably source their packaging locally. They recently won a Gold Award in the Blas na hEireann Irish Food Awards 2020 for their Irish Afternoon Blend and a Gold Star Great Taste Award for their Mint and Nettle Infusion. This follows their success in 2019 when their teas won Gold (Mint & Nettle), Silver (Gold Blend) & Bronze (Irish Breakfast) at the Blas Irish Food Awards.  Their success in lrish and UK food awards means their new customer can buy with confidence, knowing they are getting the best of Ireland!


      Eco made easy - Drink Loose Tea!

      Eco made easy - Drink Loose Tea!

      Loose Tea – Do we really need teabags to have a cup of Tea?

      As we move towards a more sustainable world McEntee’s Tea asks “Do we really need a teabag to have a cup of tea?”

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